Sunday, October 13, 2013

Young Hilaaliya Man Tortured for Shoe Incident

Families protesting outside NISS offices for the second day in a row were dispersed by security, but promised they would return tomorrow. The video clip here shows the families being told to leave, and also illustrates the difficulty of getting footage with the threat of arrest, detention, torture and trial for filming/photographing.

With the Eid holiday quickly approaching, hundreds of families face the prospect of not having their loved ones home to observe and celebrate the Eid.

Presidential advisor Nafie Ali Nafie was reportedly struck in the face by a shoe thrown by a 20 year old resident of Hilaaliya. The young man was detained and taken to an unknown location. Later reports indicate that the young man, Ashraf Zein Alabdin, was tortured by security forces and that Hilaalya Hospital refused to admit him. He was later taken to Hasaaheesa Hospital. Further information is as yet unavailable.

Sudanese in the Bay Area (California, US) are planning a rally today at 2:00 p.m. in San Francisco's Union Square.

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