Friday, November 22, 2013

Updates, November

The second in command of the Sudan Revolutionary Front was killed in fighting with government forces in Abu Zabad, 17 November.

The cartoon reads, "Sudanese economy."

Reports that surgeries have been suspended in Nyala, South Darfur after surgeons went on strike.

The sentencing of Sudanese journalist, Faisal Mohamed Salih, winner of the Peter Mackler Award, has been postponed. He is being tried for slander after writing about a young woman's rape at the hands of officers of the National Intelligence and Security Service.

Recent meme, making the rounds of social networks reads, "Where can I get bread?" with the response, "Delivery option at exorbitant prices."

Image highlighting the failure of the polio vaccination campaign in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states. Government and rebel forces did not reach agreement and polio vaccination drive was canceled, leaving 163,000 children robbed of their right to protection against this devastating disease.

Another recent meme: Bashir when he siezed power: "Give us 5 years and our smallest official will have a gut this size," referring to the globe. Bashir and other officials widely mocked for their weight gain while large portions of the population suffer from malnutrition.

Unconfirmed reports of Yemeni and Iranian troops spotted at Atbara markets.

Reports that the NISS has hired a Russian expert to spy on activists using social networks, via Sudanese Online.

Customer: On tv, they said it cost 25
Shop keeper: Go buy it from the tv, then

Petrol is reportedly being sold for 80 Sudanese pounds per gallon in Zalinji, Central Darfur, while the price in Khartoum is 20 sdg and the official price is 28 sdg. There are only two petrol stations in Zalinji and cars are allowed only two gallons per day, spurring the high black market cost of petrol.

The price of bread is reportedly surpassing the price of gold under the current regime. Because of shortages, bread lines have been growing in recent weeks.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Demonstrations in Abu Hamad After Attempted Rape (images)

Residents of Abu Hamad, a town on the north edge of Nile River State, began protesting yesterday after an intruder attempted to rape a student in a dormitory, and then stabbed her when she screamed. The young woman is said to be in critical condition. The man suspected of attempted rape is one of many gold prospectors who have swarmed the town with the recent "gold rush."

Demonstrations protesting the lack of adequate security to protect town residents from the gold prospectors continued today in a square renamed Azza Square for the student who was attacked. The residents are calling for the resignation of officials, the capture of the suspect in this particular case, as well as increased security for the people. Salah Karrar, an original member of the current regime has joined the protesters in their call for reform.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Updates 1 November

Over 99% of Abyei's Dinka Ngok residents voted to join South Sudan in an unofficial referendum. Only 12 votes were cast to remain part of Sudan. Abyei sits on the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Due to a lack of consensus on who is eligible to vote, the vote has not officially been held. Arabic-speaking Misseriya tribe boycotted the vote.

Tarig Raheem, Mahmoud Siraj and Rania Ghandour were arrested yesterday, and released this morning at 3:30 a.m.

Reports of 10 kilograms of gold produced by Sahara Mining Co. upon the launch of national production.
Via Bashir Diary Facebook page

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Updates 30 October - Professors Released, Protest, New Party (image)

This short film, "Shukran, Toni," a response to a letter written by Toni Morrison, has been making the rounds of social media sites.

Sudanese professors arrested in the past two days were released today.

Residents of El Khojalaab, North Khartoum, organized a protest in solidarity with detainees, outside the Khartoum North courthouse.

A new political party was reported to have been formed by Islamists.

Novelist Rania Mamoun is scheduled to return to court tomorrow in Wad Madani, Sudan.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Update 29 October - University Professors Detained

University professors were arrested and detained including: Balgees Badri and her daughter, Shahla, Hadia Hassab Al Rasoul and her husband, Hisham Omer Alnour, Sara Nogdalla and Mohamed Zein el Abdin.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates 28 October - Verdict, Releases, Continuing Arrests (images)

Hadia HassabAllah, a respected teacher and advocate for human rights and women's rights was arrested today.

Several detainees were freed today including Mastoor Ahmed, Mohayad Siddig, Moez Abdelwahab and Amjed Farid.
The Sudanese Journalist Union summoned journalist Bahram Abdel Moneim for his now famous questioning of Minister of Culture regarding civilian deaths in a press conference being broadcasted live on Al Arabiya television. His question was: Why do you insist on lying and blaming armed gangs for the deaths of civilians when we all know NCP militias killed the peaceful demonstrators? Bahram was detained and released.

Today, Dr. Samar Mirghani, a pharmacist accused of taking photographs and having offensive material on her cell phone, was sentenced in court today. She had also appeared on Al Arabiya, displaying her bruises from beatings she was subjected to, at the hands of police. The verdict found her not guilty of possession of pornography, but guilty of participating in demonstrations. She was sentenced to pay 5,000 Sudanese pounds, or remain in custody for up to three months.

Dr. Samar and her parents after the fine was paid. Some have said that one day, she will get her money back, as will the rest of the Sudanese people who have been robbed by this government.
Cartoon shows Bashir and "opposition leaders," Mirghani and Elmahdi, all perceived complicit in deaths of Sudanese civilians.
A cartoon showing falafel stuffed with bread, ridiculing rising bread prices and reduction of the size of bread, which is regulated by the government.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Updates - Trials of Rania and Samar (images)

The trial of novelist, Rania Elmamoun has again been postponed in Wad Medani, this time until 21 October, due to the absence of witnesses. She is the writer who publicly shared the tale of the torture of her brother, sister and herself. She is portrayed on the left in the image below, with bruises resulting from her torture at the hands of security forces, while brother had his collar bone broken. 

Samar Mirghani, pictured on the right, is to receive a verdict on the 28 October. Dr. Samar is on trial for speaking about and photographing abuses by security forces. 

(via Rasd Sudan)

Below, pictures from outside the courthouse where Rania had her court date today.

More than 50 hunger strikers continue to work to bring attention to the situation in Sudan. Here is blogger Muniness' blog from today on #strike4sudan.

Political cartoon reads: Lifting of subsidies