Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Updates - Trials of Rania and Samar (images)

The trial of novelist, Rania Elmamoun has again been postponed in Wad Medani, this time until 21 October, due to the absence of witnesses. She is the writer who publicly shared the tale of the torture of her brother, sister and herself. She is portrayed on the left in the image below, with bruises resulting from her torture at the hands of security forces, while brother had his collar bone broken. 

Samar Mirghani, pictured on the right, is to receive a verdict on the 28 October. Dr. Samar is on trial for speaking about and photographing abuses by security forces. 

(via Rasd Sudan)

Below, pictures from outside the courthouse where Rania had her court date today.

More than 50 hunger strikers continue to work to bring attention to the situation in Sudan. Here is blogger Muniness' blog from today on #strike4sudan.

Political cartoon reads: Lifting of subsidies

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