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I'm Mosno Al-Moseeki, a Sudanese performing artist based in the United States.
I have friends who are currently part of the Peaceful Protests in Sudan, which no one is talking about. So we have decided that it will be up to US to let the world know what is happening to our people by the murderous regime there.

Via technology, my friends are able to send me Updates, on a daily basis, from the Streets of Sudan. The images and situations in their rawest form. And it is my duty to broadcast this information for the WORLD to see.

We are not associated with any news network, we are simply Sudanese brothers and sisters who are trying to better our country, and the only way to do so is to get rid of the current "so called" government. The sad thing is, no one is paying attention to us, so I'm hoping via the "Sudan Speaks" blog, our voices would be heard.

To keep my friends safe, there texts will be under the name "Sudan Revolts", I have no problem saying who I am because I'm currently not in Sudan, and am safe from the hands of Sudanese government. But I also wanted to let people know that I am an actual person, who is providing you this information, and that it is all REAL.

I have also set up the site www.SystemDown.net where people can find news and other ways to support the cause if you want to.

Thank you for visiting Sudan Speaks, and please help our voice be heard.
Much Love.
Mosno Al-Moseeki.
System Down! Sudan Revolts!

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