Sunday, October 20, 2013

Updates, Images - 20 October - Another protester dies in Omdurman.

Another young man, Fath Elrahman Saeed Widaat Allah, 20 years old, has died today after being shot in the stomach in demonstrations on 25 September of this year. He passed away in Elnaw Hospital in Omdurman. The following images are from Fath Elrahman's burial today.

Sudanese bloggers, journalists, activists,  families of detainees and supporters in the diaspora are undertaking a hunger strike from 21 to 25 October to bring attention to the situation in Sudan, with demands including the release of hundreds still detained by Sudanese security forces and that those responsible for killing peaceful protesters be held accountable. Hunger strikers are using the hashtag #strike4sudan on Twitter. Blogger Kashiff111 (Twitter screen name) began a hunger strike about two weeks ago and is blogging about it here.

Farouq Abu-Eissa, head of the National Consensus Forces penned a letter to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, requesting a UN Commission investigation into ongoing human rights violations in Sudan. Read the letter here.

Opposition parties are calling for demonstrations in memory of the October 21st revolution of 1964.

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Press Release: The human rights situation in Sudan deteriorated between July and September 2013. There were credible reports that over 100 protesters and police werekilled, and hundreds more injured, with live ammunition being used by security forces on protesters. 
Over 600 political activists and protestors were detained by the authorities. Read the report here.

Reads: Inqaz, you have starved the people.

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