Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2nd (Update): Text + Images

I JUST got these texts from my correspondent in Sudan, more night protest are going one.

11:11am, Oct 2 - Sudan Revolts: Reports of riots in Omdurman Shingiti Street
11:12am, Oct 2 - Sudan Revolts: University of Khartoum, Medical Compound, demonstrated inside but security forces intervened when they tried to leave campus, so they continue to demonstrate from within. Now

11:12am, Oct 2 - Sudan Revolts: This from the Guardian

3:46pm, Oct 2 - Sudan Revolts: Burri sit in. Live
3:47pm, Oct 2 - Sudan Revolts: Every evening, a demonstration takes place from newly named Shaheed (Martyr) Square


Sudan Speaks, Sudan Revolts

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