Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2nd: Daliah + Online Chatter + Art Protest Project

Many things are going on right today in Sudan, aside from the NCP's system getting hacked.

Daliah El-Roubi has been detained by the murderous regime, for speaking out her mind of wanting a new government. We are demanding her release, her family awaits her, bravely, outside the National Intelligence & Security Services (NISS) offices in Khartoum.

Online Chatter
-Reports that the electricity has been shut down in Wad Medani. Power blackout. Unconfirmed.
-Court sentences doled out to activists in Medani today, ranging between floggings and fines
-Veeps and Ministers expected at Italian conference
I am Al-Sudan, I am Fed Up

Protest Art Project (Girifta Campaign) 
The Sudanese diaspora is asked to take pictures of their "Fed-Up" face and emailed to (, it will then be drawn and presented as part of a collection to show not only the diversity of the Sudanese people, but their UNITY in wanting this regime gone.
I'm more than honored to be a part of it.

Sudan Speaks, Sudan Revolts

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