Saturday, October 12, 2013

Updates 12 October 2013

Reports of a sit-in by family members of detainees this evening in front of NISS offices in Khartoum. reports that two members of President Bashir's family were amongst protesters at a mosque in central Khartoum on Friday, calling for the freedom of expression and a transitional administration.

It is reported that juveniles have been convicted of vandalism and attempting to overthrow the Sudanese government.

Protester, Mohamed Ali was reported to have died in hospital Friday from wounds sustained in September demonstrations.

There is disappointment and anger among some Sudanese activists in reaction to a statement by the African Union that, "Sitting heads of state and government should not be prosecuted while in office."

Reports that Bashir stated security forces should do "whatever it takes" to stop demonstrations, even if one third of the population die. It was also reported that press who witnessed the statement, on October 3 in a Council of Ministers meeting, were later rounded up and had their tapes confiscated.

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