Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates 28 October - Verdict, Releases, Continuing Arrests (images)

Hadia HassabAllah, a respected teacher and advocate for human rights and women's rights was arrested today.

Several detainees were freed today including Mastoor Ahmed, Mohayad Siddig, Moez Abdelwahab and Amjed Farid.
The Sudanese Journalist Union summoned journalist Bahram Abdel Moneim for his now famous questioning of Minister of Culture regarding civilian deaths in a press conference being broadcasted live on Al Arabiya television. His question was: Why do you insist on lying and blaming armed gangs for the deaths of civilians when we all know NCP militias killed the peaceful demonstrators? Bahram was detained and released.

Today, Dr. Samar Mirghani, a pharmacist accused of taking photographs and having offensive material on her cell phone, was sentenced in court today. She had also appeared on Al Arabiya, displaying her bruises from beatings she was subjected to, at the hands of police. The verdict found her not guilty of possession of pornography, but guilty of participating in demonstrations. She was sentenced to pay 5,000 Sudanese pounds, or remain in custody for up to three months.

Dr. Samar and her parents after the fine was paid. Some have said that one day, she will get her money back, as will the rest of the Sudanese people who have been robbed by this government.
Cartoon shows Bashir and "opposition leaders," Mirghani and Elmahdi, all perceived complicit in deaths of Sudanese civilians.
A cartoon showing falafel stuffed with bread, ridiculing rising bread prices and reduction of the size of bread, which is regulated by the government.

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