Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9 October, Trials and Tribulations

Amal Abdallah Samaria, a 28 year old mother of twin six month olds, was hit over the head with the heavy end of an AK47, causing a concussion. She initiated legal proceedings against the soldier involved. She has been held in police custody in Omdurman since Sunday 29 September to pressure her into withdrawing her testimony. She is being allowed to breastfeed her twins every four hours while in custody.

It was reported that the lawyers of Dr. Samar Mirghani were attacked in court with stun guns, during today's court appearance. Dr. Samar is on trial for speaking about and photographing abuses by security forces. The trial has again been postponed, this time until 23 October.

Unconfirmed reports that "tens of protesters" were killed in protests in Zalingi, West Darfur.

A man was rescued from a suicide attempt after jumping from White Nile bridge. During interrogation he said he was unable to provide for his six children. He was found mentally competent.

Last week, government newspapers published a headline that Washington, D.C. and Riyadh were behind the protests in Sudan. They then immediately backpedaled on these statements, offering apologies.

In a speech broadcast live on national radio, President Bashir claimed Khartoum could not be overthrown because it was guarded by God and accused agents, thieves and hijackers of using the removal of fuel subsidies as an opportunity to overthrow his government.

Hundreds of protesters and activists remain in detention.

There is a call for boycotting newspapers still in print.

A series of memes have been making the rounds of social media sites.

Award-winning novelist, Rania Mamoun reported that she and her sister will stand trial tomorrow, 10 October in Medani Criminal Court after relating her story of torture at the hands of security forces. If you have not yet read her account, find it here.

Click here to see a documentary video called "The Party,", subtitled in English, about torture at the hands of Sudanese security authorities. While the video is not current, such torture practice are longstanding and ongoing, as reported by recent detainees.

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