Friday, October 4, 2013

#FreedomFriday Protests

Large numbers of people protested in Medan Al Rabta, Shambat, Khartoum North today, calling for the downfall of the regime, with a heavy security presence. By 6:00 Khartoum time, residents were quietly congregated in one corner of what is now being called Hazza'a square, in honor of martyr Hazza'a Izzeldin Jaafar, a 19 year old killed by NISS gunfire on 25 Septmber. At sunset, at least a half dozen large trucks carrying heavily armed troops in police uniform were stationed around the perimeter of the square.  By 8:00 Khartoum time, not a single civilian was left in the square. 

At Al Safia police station, which would have been the first point of detention for arrested demonstrators, the road was cordoned off with tires. The area was very active with armored personnel carriers and several pickups, as well as armed troops in beige camouflage uniforms. 

In Wad Nubawi, Omdurman, before prayers had ended, tear gas was already being dispersed in the side streets around the main square and protests were quickly dispersed with at least one arrest, Mohamed Mo'men Al Ghali, reported via social media.

Al Arabiya reported protests on the outskirts of Jabra in South Khartoum. Protest were also reported in the Haj Yousif area of Khartoum North.

Protests began at Sanhouri Square, named in honor of 28 year old pharmacist Salah Muddathir El Rayyah Sanhouri, who was shot in the chest by security forces while protesting peacefully on 27 September. Six NISS thatcher vehicles arrived, driving into the square and officers were reported to have beaten protesters as they tried to move out, forcing them back into the square.

In London, protesters from the Sudanese diaspora went out in support of protesters in Sudan.

Yesterday, Radio Dabanga reported that an NISS officer testified in court that he received orders to use live ammunition against protesters. Find the article here.

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