Friday, September 27, 2013

Septermber 27 (Update #1) : News Medias are closing

Due to the government shutting down the internet, my corespondent hasn't contacted me yet, but luckily there are other sources that are able to leak some information out.

-The Al-Arabia channel has been closed by the government.
-All televised news media has been ORDERED by the government to NOT address the protests.
-After the Friday Prayers large amounts of people went into protests, police are shooting LIVE ammo at the peaceful protests.

Protests in Omdourman. Friday Sep/27
via Radio Dabanga
27 Sep
.) -
(Update 16:44)– The Sudanese police has started using live ammunition to quell large demonstrations that started right after the Friday prayers. Three people have been reportedly killed at Shambat Road in Bahri. While in Wad Madani, 180 kilomter south-east of Khartoum four people lost their lives after police fired at them. Friday was the fifth day of massive protests against the rise of fuel prices, inflation and violent attacks of demonstrators having killed at least 111 people according doctors on Thursday, Radio Dabanga reported."

More on this article from Radio Dabanga : Click Here.
Sudan Speaks, Sudan Revolts

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