Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26 (Update #2) : Email

Earlier today I had mentioned that Mr. Salah Dawoud, Uncle of artist/activist Ramey Dawoud was shot earlier today by security police, even though he is a 60 year old man, and not part of the protests.
Ramey was able to email me more details about the situation, here is Ramey's email

"My uncle is well known in Omdurman. He is handicapped. He lost his right arm when he was younger. He also recently ran for a position in the recent elections representing the handicapped and speaking for then and gave his oppositions some trouble although coming up short. This morning he stepped out the family house in the Omdurman neighborhood of AlThowra (the revolution) to see the protests, not even participating in them as he is an older man. Before he could even reach the main road intersection a police man riding on a motorcycle drove by, shot him, and rode away. The bullet entered his left leg and exited causing a severe exit wound around the knee area. He was taken to the hospital by some of the neighborhood people but was not treated immediately. He was not treated until the following day. Doctors decided it's best to amputate his leg."

This is what our so called government does. This kind of inhumane treatment of its own people, is EXACTLY why it needs to go.
I'm saddened to hear about Uncle Salah, but I'm glad to hear that he is alive, and I can't wait to see the look on his face when he gets the news that this murderous regime has fallen, forever.


My corespondent in Sudan has not communicated with me since the last text from (Update #1), I was told that the internet outage was announced on the people via the Sudanese media. It seems that the government is trying VERY lock down on all the information being leaked via similar sources to this one.
But I'm a firm believer that "if there is a will, there is a way".

Please keep spreading the word, the people of Sudan are not backing down, and neither should we.

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