Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30 : Texts + Links

I'm proud to say that things seem to be looking a little brighter in the Sudan situation.
I will post the texts that I have received last night from Sudan, followed by some links and some online chatter that I've been hearing.

4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Sky news program was uplifting
4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Panel of experts confirmed regime was at its end with no viable solution
4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Demonstrations will continue and increase with oppression
4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Anchor said, they died before, Haydhar Taha said bit they rose again and this is what will happen until the revolution succeeds and the regime is changed

4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Burri demonstration swelled to large numbers
4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: All in all, think positive this night.
4:01pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: These, are my thoughts regarding a show that just finished on Skynews Arabia

5:03pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Breaking news: Awad Eljaz son caught at Dubai Airport with 10 million US dollars

5:04pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: We need to.independently verify, as this was eluded to by Umma Party Rep, Mubarak Elmahdi on Skynews Arabia show this evening

5:04pm, Sep 29 - Sudan Revolts: Now reported on Sudanese social media

There is now an article in The Guardian (The USA Branch) about how the government has forced a closure of the largest Daily News Paper in Sudan. [Article Here]

BBC Arabic has set up a site to allow people to post pictures and information directly to them about the Sudanese situation [Website Here]

Some of the chatter that I'm hearing is that some of the officials have started sending their families to the airports. THAT is a good sign, hopefully they will soon follow after there.

Sudan Speaks, Sudan Revolts

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