Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24 : Texts (update)

After a brief interruption, I received the following update:

5:55pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: Her name Rania Almamoun
5:55pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: Tortured journalist and brother. Released today.

5:56pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: Correction: Rania Mamoun

 5:57pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: Reports of security forces injecting plain clothes men into demonstrators. Stabbing them and/ or vandalizing

5:58pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: By law, peaceful protests are allowed, the vandalism and looting allow the government forces to use force and disperse crowds

5:59pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: Tonight, reports of the army protecting people and being greeted with cheers and chants. Activists are calling on police to follow their conscious

6:11pm, Sep 24 - Sudan Revolts: Caricature was after president speech, before demonstrations
The grinder says "The Rescue"


Very happy to hear that the journalists are slowly being released, this is a good step. I wish Rania and her brother a speedy recovery.

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