Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Demonstrations in Abu Hamad After Attempted Rape (images)

Residents of Abu Hamad, a town on the north edge of Nile River State, began protesting yesterday after an intruder attempted to rape a student in a dormitory, and then stabbed her when she screamed. The young woman is said to be in critical condition. The man suspected of attempted rape is one of many gold prospectors who have swarmed the town with the recent "gold rush."

Demonstrations protesting the lack of adequate security to protect town residents from the gold prospectors continued today in a square renamed Azza Square for the student who was attacked. The residents are calling for the resignation of officials, the capture of the suspect in this particular case, as well as increased security for the people. Salah Karrar, an original member of the current regime has joined the protesters in their call for reform.

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